Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth is the story of hopefulness lost.


Macbeth, meaning ‘Son of Life’, has an extraordinary susceptibility to strong feeling. His connection to the spiritual realm is powerful, his prowess in battle incomparable, and his love for wife and country incredible. So, why is Macbeth a tragedy? He forces Fate’s hand. When destiny is challenged, nature rebels.


In this production, the Bard’s brown-nosing play to King James VI has been stripped of its Middle Age mediocrity and thrown into a world of my own making. Set roughly at the end of the European Iron Age during the expansion of the Roman Empire that threatened the Divine Matriarchy of Celtic life, I have utilized the text to explore that moment in history when the patriarchy of western civilization prevailed, and humanity suffered the tragic loss of higher existence.


The Body cannot live without the Spirit, and the Spirit died at the hand of the Roman Empire. How do we revive it? Do we force Fate’s hand again? How do we alter tomorrow?